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Californian Icons

carrie's graphic community

Californian Graphics
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Welcome to Californian Graphics!! This is Sandra(shalowater) and Carrie's (hartsstrshorses) graphic journal. We will mainly put icons in here, but we will occiansionly have headers here as well. We will both have stock icons, and fandom icons posted in this community. Carrie (hartsstrshorses) will be taking suggestions/requests just comment to one of her posts asking. Carrie also accepts constructive criticism. I am not sure Sandra's (shalowater) stanse on either of these subjects so please ask before you do either. Please comment if you nominate or take anything. We are looking to improving so please join the community to watch our progress, and icons!

- Always Credit hartsstrshorses
- Comment if you take something
- Feel free to give constructive criticism, but don't be rude (to hartsstrshorses)
- Please don't hotlink
- Ask before editing or personlizing anything
- Enjoy, and feel free to request/nominate
Important Links

- Affiliate Post
- Resource Post
- Carrie's (hartsstrshorses) Personal Journal
- Layout made by reversescollide